New Measures Urgently Needed to Address High-Speed Menace on A143

In a tragic incident on Sunday evening, a middle-aged man driving a blue Ford lost his life in a collision with a silver Mitsubishi near Earsham, just outside Bungay. The collision took place at around 8pm, leading to the closure of the A143 for the night. The Mitsubishi driver, a man in his thirties, suffered a severe leg injury and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

This latest fatal crash follows a similar incident in August, when 28-year-old Aisatou Mballow-Baldeu lost her life in a collision involving a stolen Land Rover. The local residents are now demanding immediate action to address the issue of road safety, which has become a major concern for the community.

One resident, an 80-year-old man, expressed his fear and disbelief at the excessive speeds witnessed on the A143 throughout the day and night. He pointed out that the situation has worsened since the construction of a new bypass, as drivers no longer feel compelled to exercise caution due to the absence of speed cameras. Another long-time resident, Stephen Wade, who has lived in Earsham for nearly seven decades, stressed the need for urgent measures to be taken, including increased enforcement and stricter speed limits.

Local authorities, such as the Earsham Parish Council, have taken note of these concerns and are actively working on resolving the issue. Richard Randlesome, the chairman of the council, expressed his deepest condolences to the bereaved family and acknowledged that speeding is a significant problem in the area, both on the A143 and within the village itself. He pledged to raise the issue in the council’s next meeting and initiate a dialogue with Norfolk Highways and the police to reform the existing speeding regulations.

The recent fatalities on the A143 have prompted calls for immediate improvements to this notorious stretch of road. The tragic incidents have evoked a strong response from residents, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced road safety measures to prevent further loss of life.

Q: What happened in the recent collision near Earsham?
A: A collision between a blue Ford and a silver Mitsubishi resulted in the death of the Ford driver.

Q: What efforts are being made to address the issue of speeding in the area?
A: The Earsham Parish Council is actively working to tackle speeding in and around the village by engaging with Norfolk Highways and the police.

Q: How have residents responded to the recent incidents?
A: Residents have expressed concern and demanded immediate action to address the high-speed menace on the A143. There is an urgent call for enhanced road safety measures.