Kelowna Residents Concerned for Wildlife Safety Following Reckless Driving Incident

A recent incident in Kelowna’s Upper Mission has raised concerns among residents about the safety of wildlife in the area. On Friday, September 8th, a car plowed into a herd of deer near the intersection of Frost Road and Seon Crescent, leaving several injured and two young deer dead.

Kim Monti, a local resident, recounted how his wife, who witnessed the incident, has been traumatized by the sight of the car crashing into the deer. “She called me in tears, describing how the deer were flying around and how two baby deer tragically lost their lives,” Monti said. The incident has left his wife with post-traumatic stress, and she now avoids spending time on their patio.

Monti expressed concerns about the ongoing issue of speeding vehicles on Frost Road, which is located near Canyon Falls Middle School. “We’ve had multiple reports to the city about this problem, and with children often present in the area, it’s only a matter of time before a child is injured instead of a deer,” Monti highlighted.

While deer sightings in Kelowna’s streets and yards are not uncommon, the recent wildfires in the Okanagan region have displaced some wildlife, including deer. This has increased the need for drivers to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings to prevent accidents.

The incident has been reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Conservation Officer Service, bringing attention to the importance of enforcing speed limits and taking measures to protect both wildlife and residents in the area.


  • Q: What can residents do to ensure wildlife safety in their area?
  • A: Residents can report frequent incidents of speeding or reckless driving to the local authorities and advocate for stricter enforcement of speed limits in wildlife corridors.
  • Q: How can drivers help prevent accidents involving wildlife?
  • A: Drivers should always be attentive and cautious, particularly in areas known for wildlife activity. Adhering to speed limits and being prepared to slow down or stop if animals appear on the road is crucial for preventing collisions.