The Remaining Suspects in Alabama Boat Dock Brawl Taken Into Custody

Montgomery police have confirmed that the remaining two suspects involved in a massive brawl at a central Alabama boat dock have been arrested. Allen Todd, 23, and Zachery Shipman, 25, turned themselves in to the police on Wednesday evening. A third suspect, 48-year-old Richard Roberts, had already turned himself in the day before. Todd and Shipman have been charged with third-degree assault, while Roberts is facing two counts of the same charge.

The brawl occurred at the dock for the Harriott II riverboat, owned by the city of Montgomery. It was triggered when a moored pontoon boat was blocking the larger vessel from docking at Riverfront Park. The riverboat’s captain tried to locate the owners of the pontoon boat through a public address system but was met with obscene gestures and curse words. In response, the riverboat’s co-captain attempted to move the pontoon boat himself, leading to the fight that escalated into a massive brawl.

Videos of the incident have gone viral, showing a passenger on the pontoon boat hitting a crew member on the dock. Members of the pontoon boat party then joined in the attack, prompting crew members from the riverboat and other bystanders to get involved. So far, only three people have been charged, but the police are seeking an interview with Reggie Gray, who was seen in the video hitting at least two people with a folding chair.

Montgomery police have stated that they expect to file more charges as the investigation progresses. The FBI has also joined the investigation. Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert expressed his disappointment and said that the incident does not reflect the true nature of the city. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey also denounced the violence, describing it as completely unnecessary and uncalled for.

The extent of the injuries sustained during the brawl remains unknown, as does the motive behind the pontoon boat blocking the riverboat’s docking. The Associated Press contributed to this report.