Get £200 for Switching to NatWest Bank

UK bank account holders now have the opportunity to receive £200 by switching to NatWest. The popular high street bank is offering this incentive to individuals who decide to switch their current account to NatWest.

To avail of this offer, account holders can easily apply online or via the NatWest mobile app. By utilizing the Current Account Switch Service, they can transfer their current account from another bank into a NatWest account and be eligible to receive £200.

To qualify for the offer, account holders must deposit £1,250 into their NatWest account and login to the mobile banking app within 60 days. If these conditions are met, NatWest will credit the eligible account with £200 within 7 days.

However, it’s important to note that individuals who have previously received a switching incentive from NatWest Group will not be eligible for this particular offer. Additionally, NatWest warns that the offer can be withdrawn or amended at any time.

If you already hold an eligible account with NatWest, such as a Select, Foundation, Reward, Silver, Platinum, or Premier account, opened prior to 14 February 2023, you can still avail of the £200 offer. To do so, you must transfer a non-NatWest current account to your existing eligible account using the Current Account Switch Service. This would involve closing your non-NatWest account and transferring all your payment instructions to your existing eligible account. Furthermore, a deposit of £1,250 must be made within 60 days of the switch, along with logging into the mobile banking service within the same timeframe.

The Current Account Switch Service is a convenient tool available across over 40 UK banks and building societies. It allows for easy switching of current accounts between participating institutions, including joint accounts, provided both parties consent to the switch. However, it does not support switching joint accounts into single accounts.

Switching to NatWest provides an opportunity to benefit from their £200 offer while enjoying the convenience and services of this well-established bank.