House Republicans in Turmoil as Opposition to Jim Jordan Grows

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The Republican nominee for Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Jim Jordan, faced an unexpected setback in his bid for leadership. Despite projecting confidence and expecting to lose only a handful of his colleagues, 20 fellow Republicans chose to support someone else, throwing his leadership bid into disarray. Jordan’s strategy to expose and pressure the opposition has been undermined by the strength in numbers against him.

So what happens next? Jordan is not giving up easily. With the backing of President Trump and right-wing media, he can continue to press for more Speaker votes and make life uncomfortable for Republican politicians who are viewed as disloyal to the conservative cause. However, the opposition to Jordan is not a homogeneous group. There are legislators from narrowly won districts in New York who fear that Jordan’s confrontational politics could harm their chances of re-election. Key members of the House Appropriations Committee, including its chairwoman, Kay Granger, worry about Jordan’s budget showdowns and resulting government shutdowns. And there are others whose opposition to Jordan ranges from tepid to vehement.

For Jordan to succeed, he will need to find a way to persuade his opponents without alienating his current supporters. This, however, will be a challenging task. Losing 20 votes is more than his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, lost in his first ballot. Given the current circumstances, it is unlikely that Jordan will be granted the same amount of time to secure the Speaker’s gavel. With a limit of only four Republican votes he can afford to lose, Republicans may need to start considering other options.

Some have suggested giving McCarthy another chance, as he has maintained significant support among House Republicans. Another option being floated is to expand the powers of acting Speaker Patrick McHenry, allowing him to preside over urgent legislative matters. Some centrist Republicans have even raised the possibility of forming a coalition with Democrats to elect a compromise Speaker. Ultimately, Republicans hope that a new candidate can emerge who will unite the party and willingly accept the challenging role of Speaker of the House.


Who is Jim Jordan?

Jim Jordan is a Republican congressman from Ohio and a nominee for Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

What does the US Speaker of the House do?

The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the US House of Representatives. They have significant influence over legislative processes, including setting the agenda, controlling debate, and guiding the passage of bills. The Speaker is also responsible for representing the House to the President and other branches of government.

Can Jim Jordan still become Speaker?

While Jim Jordan faced significant opposition in his bid for Speaker, he has the backing of President Trump and the right-wing media. He can continue to press for more Speaker votes and try to persuade his opponents. However, with a limit of only four Republican votes he can afford to lose, Republicans may start considering other options if he does not demonstrate progress in winning the Speaker vote.