Woman’s 5-foot 8-inch Mullet Confirmed as Longest Female One in the World

Tami Manis has officially achieved the title of having the longest female mullet in the world, measuring at 5 feet 8 inches (nearly 173 centimeters). According to Guinness World Records, the 58-year-old has not cut the back of her hair since February 9, 1990. In a video posted by Guinness World Records, Manis explains that people often only notice the length of her hair when she turns around. She was inspired to grow a mullet after seeing it in Til Tuesday’s music video “Voices Carry” during the 80s. Since then, she has never looked back.

Manis keeps her mullet braided most of the time. When riding her motorbike, she tucks the tail into her pocket. Her hair is braided by a friend once a week, and she dries it with paper towels to prevent it from staying wet. Mullets have a history dating back centuries, even referenced by Greek poet Homer in “The Iliad” in the 8th century BC. Manis’ mullet has become a recognizable trademark and a topic of conversation among her friends and family. She placed second in the “Femullet” division of the 2022 US Mullet Championships and won a $300 prize, which inspired her to apply for the Guinness World Record.

After a thorough process, including filming her hair to demonstrate its length, Manis received a package confirming her official record. She expressed her excitement upon opening it, describing it as “amazing.”