New Title: Unveiling the Dark Secrets: Inside the Troubling Connections of a Serial Killer and Special Branch

In a shocking revelation, it has been uncovered that a notorious loyalist serial killer turned informant, Gary Haggarty, embarked on unconventional ‘lads’ weekends’ with members of the Special Branch. These clandestine escapades involved visits to strip clubs and a brothel, all while Haggarty was immersed in a life of terror and murder. The grim details emerged from numerous covert interviews that Haggarty provided after he had fled Northern Ireland.

Haggarty’s shocking accusations have shed light on the intricate web of connections between law enforcement and criminal elements during a dark period in Northern Ireland’s history. Rather than acting as agents of justice, it appears that certain members of the Special Branch indulged in illicit activities alongside one of their informants.

This troubling revelation exposes the potential compromises made by those sworn to uphold the law, raising questions about the integrity of the justice system. The extent of the involvement of the Special Branch in criminal activities remains uncertain, but it is clear that these alleged ‘lads’ weekends’ crossed ethical boundaries and violated the trust placed in law enforcement.


Q: Who is Gary Haggarty?
A: Gary Haggarty is a former loyalist paramilitary member who turned informant and revealed crucial information about crimes committed by loyalist terrorists.

Q: What were Haggarty’s accusations?
A: Haggarty claimed that members of the Special Branch, a covert arm of law enforcement, took him on trips to strip clubs and a brothel while he was involved in acts of terror and murder.

Q: What does this reveal about law enforcement?
A: These revelations raise concerns about the integrity and trustworthiness of certain law enforcement members, as they seemingly engaged in unlawful activities alongside their informant.

Q: Does this compromise the justice system?
A: The involvement of law enforcement in illegal activities undoubtedly raises questions about potential compromises made by those responsible for upholding the law. The impact on the justice system remains to be seen as further investigations are conducted.