Vapers Warned after Charging E-cigarette Sets Bedroom on Fire

Vapers have been cautioned about the dangers of charging their e-cigarettes following a fire incident in Chelmsford. Essex County Fire and Rescue is urging vapers to be present when their devices are charging in order to prevent future accidents. The fire, which occurred in a townhouse, caused significant damage to the bedroom. The flames burned through the furniture and wallpaper, resulting in smoke pouring out of the windows.

To address the risks associated with such incidents, Essex County Fire and Rescue is issuing a warning to smokers. They advise individuals to remain in the room while charging any electrical device. It is similarly important to avoid charging devices for longer periods than recommended and to use chargers that are recommended by the device manufacturer. Additionally, individuals should ensure that any new charger or device they purchase complies with British Standards for fire safety.

Station Manager Nick Singleton emphasized the importance of following safety guidelines in the event of a fire. He advised residents to leave the house, stay out, and call the fire service if a fire is discovered. He also praised the control room for providing reassurance and guidance to the affected residents prior to the arrival of the fire service.

According to recent statistics, the number of people using vaping devices in the UK has exceeded 3 million. It is crucial for vapers to be cautious when charging their e-cigarettes to prevent potential incidents like the one that occurred in Chelmsford.