Failing to Properly Vet: Gov. Walz Takes Responsibility for Misstep in Cannabis Regulatory Appointment

Gov. Tim Walz has acknowledged his responsibility for failing to adequately vet his initial pick for Minnesota’s newly established Office of Cannabis Management. This misstep comes as the state prepares to launch its legalized marijuana market.

Erin DuPree, a self-proclaimed cannabis entrepreneur and former owner of a hemp shop, voluntarily stepped down from her appointment on Friday. This decision was prompted by a Star Tribune report that revealed DuPree had sold illegal products at her store. Her resignation occurred merely a day after Gov. Walz named her as the head of the cannabis regulatory agency.

During the MinnPost-hosted festival, Gov. Walz openly admitted to his oversight, stating, “As the governor, one of my most crucial responsibilities is to appoint qualified individuals, and I take full accountability for ensuring the vetting process is thorough. In this instance, we did not execute that effectively, and we regret the error.”

DuPree was scheduled to assume her role on October 2nd, with an annual salary of approximately $151,000. However, given the revelations about her illegal business practices, it was necessary for her to step aside.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of careful selection and vetting processes when appointing individuals to positions of authority, especially in a sensitive and emerging industry like cannabis regulation. The credibility and integrity of the regulatory body are crucial for ensuring a fair and well-functioning market.


Q: Who was appointed as the head of Minnesota’s Office of Cannabis Management?
A: Erin DuPree, a former hemp shop owner and cannabis entrepreneur.

Q: Why did Erin DuPree step down from her appointment?
A: A report revealed that she had sold illegal products at her hemp store.

Q: When was Erin DuPree supposed to start her new job?
A: She was scheduled to begin her role on October 2nd.