Calgary Police Investigate Violent Clash in Falconridge Neighbourhood

Calgary’s Falconridge neighbourhood recently became the site of a violent clash that police are now investigating. According to Police Chief Mark Neufeld, this incident was a “planned, targeted attack.” The clash was not a protest, and it involved members of Calgary’s Eritrean community.

Neufeld stated that there were two peaceful events happening concurrently within the Eritrean community, and attendees at these events should not be held responsible for the violence that occurred. He emphasized that this was one of the largest violent events in recent memory for the city of Calgary.

The police chief linked the situation to ongoing conflicts among certain members of the Eritrean community, both in Canada and worldwide. It seems that frustrations and opposition towards the Eritrean government played a significant role in sparking this clash.

Despite efforts to ensure safety and ease tensions between the involved groups, Neufeld acknowledged the possibility of such conflicts in Calgary due to similar incidents in Toronto and Edmonton. He highlighted the police service’s strong relationships with all communities, including the Eritrean community, and the proactive steps taken to mitigate violence.

Neufeld noted that those involved in the clash came prepared with shields and helmets, while the officers on the scene were ill-equipped. Fortunately, only the directly involved parties required hospitalization, and there were no injuries among bystanders or law enforcement.

The police chief expressed his belief that the Eritrean community wants to collaborate with law enforcement to prevent future violence. He emphasized that historically, this community has not been associated with such levels of violence.

As the investigation proceeds, Neufeld urged anyone with information, photographs, videos, or social media posts related to the incident to contact the Calgary Police Service via the non-emergency line or through Crime Stoppers anonymously.

Overall, this clash in Calgary’s Falconridge neighbourhood highlights the importance of addressing conflicts within communities and maintaining effective communication between community organizers, law enforcement, and government officials.


  1. What caused the violent clash in Calgary’s Falconridge neighbourhood?
  2. The clash was the result of a planned, targeted attack and was not a protest. It involved members of Calgary’s Eritrean community and is linked to ongoing conflicts within that community.

  3. Were the peaceful event attendees to blame for the violence?
  4. No, the attendees at the peaceful events within the Eritrean community are not responsible for the violent clash.

  5. How did the police handle the situation?
  6. The police had strong relationships with the Eritrean community and worked with event organizers to ensure safety and ease tensions. However, they were not fully equipped for the level of violence encountered.

  7. Were there any casualties?
  8. All 12 individuals who required hospitalization were directly involved in the clash. There were no injuries among bystanders or police officers.

  9. How can individuals provide information to the Calgary Police Service?
  10. Anyone with information, photos, videos, or social media posts related to the incident can contact the Calgary Police Service via the non-emergency line or through Crime Stoppers anonymously.