The Majestic Beauty of Australia’s Bibbulmun Track

When it comes to breathtaking long-distance hiking trails, few compare to the natural wonders offered by the Bibbulmun Track in southern Western Australia. This awe-inspiring trail stretches over 1,000 kilometers, longer than the distance between Sydney and Brisbane, and takes hikers on a captivating journey through giant trees, pristine rivers, and sparkling blue oceans.

The Bibbulmun Track, officially opened on September 13, 1998, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It begins in the Perth hills and winds its way through the picturesque farmlands and forests of the South West region, before culminating along the scenic coastline of the Southern Ocean. This magnificent track draws thousands of hikers from around the world who seek the rare experience of walking amongst the towering 60-meter-high karri trees and immersing themselves in the natural wonders of the Australian wilderness.

Steve Sertis, a member of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation, recently completed the full length of the track in two months, joining a group of fellow hikers to commemorate this significant milestone. Reflecting on his journey, Sertis describes the track as a place of immense beauty where both nature and wildlife thrive. He emphasizes the incredible views and the joy of witnessing hikers’ awe-inspiring moments, like the sight of their first sunrise or a kangaroo bounding across the trail.

At 87 years old, Jim Freeman is one of the most experienced hikers of the Bibbulmun Track. Having completed the trail a remarkable 14 times, Freeman has witnessed its evolution over several decades. His love for the trail began in the 1970s when he embarked on a few adventurous hikes with his sons. Since then, Freeman’s passion for the track has grown, leading him to complete his final end-to-end journey last year. Despite encountering solitude along the way, Freeman attests to the fascinating encounters with like-minded individuals who share a common appreciation for the track’s rugged beauty.

As the popularity of the Bibbulmun Track has grown, so has the number of volunteers dedicated to its maintenance. From over 300 volunteers working tirelessly to preserve this natural treasure to the advancements in hiking gear and safety measures, hikers today can traverse the track with ease and confidence. Although Freeman’s days of walking the entire track may be behind him, he remains an invaluable source of advice and continues to contribute to the Bibbulmun Track Foundation as a knowledgeable volunteer.


Q: What is the Bibbulmun Track?
A: The Bibbulmun Track is a magnificent long-distance hiking trail in southern Western Australia, stretching over 1,000 kilometers.

Q: When was the Bibbulmun Track officially opened?
A: The track was officially opened on September 13, 1998, and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Q: How many times has Jim Freeman completed the Bibbulmun Track?
A: Jim Freeman has completed the Bibbulmun Track an impressive 14 times.

Q: How has hiking gear and safety measures changed over the years?
A: Hiking gear has become lighter and more efficient, making treks safer and more enjoyable.