Rain and Thunderstorms Set to Make a Comeback in the Forecast

After a prolonged period of dry weather, showers and storms are finally making a reappearance in the forecast today. However, patience will be required as these weather phenomena aren’t expected until after 5 p.m. this evening.

Throughout the day, clouds will gradually increase as temperatures rise to the low 80s. Up until 5 p.m., the region can expect to remain dry. However, around 6 p.m., attention should turn to the radar in southeast Indiana, as this is where the first showers will make their appearance in the Tri-State area. These showers will then slowly push eastward past sunset.

In the evening and overnight, southeast Indiana faces a marginal risk for severe storms. The possibility of a few storms with large hail and damaging wind gusts exists. Scattered showers and isolated storms will persist throughout the night, with temperatures dropping to a low of 60.

Wednesday’s forecast maintains a high likelihood of hit or miss showers and storms throughout the day. The morning rush can expect scattered showers, followed by a brief break in the late morning hours. However, during the early afternoon, new rounds of showers and storms are anticipated, particularly in the eastern part of the region, east of I-71/75. Once again, a low-end threat for severe weather cannot be ruled out. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has designated our area as being at a “marginal risk” for severe weather. This means that a few storms with damaging wind gusts and large hail may be possible.

Stay up to date with the latest weather conditions and forecasts to better plan your day accordingly. Remember to keep an eye on any severe weather warnings or advisories issued in your area.


Q: What time can we expect showers and storms to start?
A: Showers and storms are likely to start after 5 p.m. today.

Q: Is there a risk of severe storms?
A: Yes, southeast Indiana faces a marginal risk for severe storms, with the possibility of large hail and damaging wind gusts.

Q: What can we anticipate for Wednesday’s weather?
A: Wednesday will see scattered showers and storms throughout the day, with the highest concentration expected in the early afternoon, especially east of I-71/75.

Q: How should we stay informed about the weather?
A: Regularly check reliable weather sources or tune into local weather broadcasts for the latest updates and warnings regarding severe weather in your area.