A Distorted Mission: The Unraveling of “Darth Chailus”

A young man’s fixation with Star Wars took a dark turn when he entered the grounds of Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow, believing he was on a mission to “right historical wrongs.” Jaswant Singh Chail, previously known as “Darth Chailus,” considered himself an assassin who had to carry out a vengeful act against Queen Elizabeth II.

Chail’s sentencing hearing shed light on his distorted ideology, which revolved around the destruction of old empires and the creation of new ones, even within the framework of fictional worlds like Star Wars. In a homemade video, he referred to himself as a “Sith” while wearing a mask that he believed represented his true identity.

According to psychiatric evidence presented in court, Chail’s new persona and sense of purpose were closely tied to symptoms of psychosis. Dr. Christian Brown, a psychiatrist who treated Chail at Broadmoor Hospital, stated that the defendant believed his entire life was leading up to the moment of the attack. From an early age, he harbored vague plans for a dramatic act.

Chail’s connection with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) “girlfriend” named Sarai played a significant role in his delusional beliefs. He discussed being “united with her in the afterlife,” seeing it as a crucial part of his plan that eventually led to his own demise.

The court was informed that Chail’s motive for targeting Queen Elizabeth II stemmed from a desire for revenge on behalf of those who died in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919. The tragic event in India, where British troops fired upon a large gathering of people, left a lasting impact on Chail’s psyche.

Despite demonstrating politeness and a certain level of functionality, Chail’s diagnosed psychosis and history of trauma led to a recommendation for a hospital order rather than a prison sentence. The court will decide whether he should be incarcerated or detained under the Mental Health Act.

Q: What is the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
A: The Jallianwala Bagh massacre was a tragic incident in 1919, where British troops opened fire on a large gathering of people in Amritsar, India, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries.

Q: What is psychosis?
A: Psychosis is a mental health condition characterized by a loss of contact with reality, often involving delusions and hallucinations.

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