Wisconsin Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Defend Nonpartisan Elections Chief

Wisconsin Attorney General, Josh Kaul, took a stand on Thursday by filing a lawsuit to defend Meagan Wolfe, the state’s nonpartisan elections chief. The lawsuit was in response to a party-line vote in the Republican-led Senate, which aimed to fire Wolfe from her position as Wisconsin’s elections commission administrator. Kaul argued that the vote holds “no legal effect” and that Wolfe is still lawfully holding her position.

The Senate Republicans claimed that Wolfe’s oversight of the 2020 elections had eroded public trust, despite multiple reviews that debunked allegations of fraud. Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu emphasized the need to rebuild faith in Wisconsin’s elections. However, Wolfe vehemently denied the accusations of fraud, stating that elections have no “dark corners.”

The Democratic Party argued that Thursday’s vote should not have taken place since the bipartisan elections commission had not officially nominated Wolfe for Senate confirmation. In a previous meeting, the three Republican members of the commission voted in favor of Wolfe’s nomination, while the three Democrats abstained to prevent her confirmation. The lack of a formal nomination raised doubts about the legality of the Senate vote.

During a press conference, Kaul highlighted that there was no legitimate appointment in place and that Wisconsin law requires the votes of four commissioners in favor of an appointment. He expressed confidence that the court would confirm Wolfe as the rightful administrator.

In her own press conference, Wolfe made a strong statement, vowing not to succumb to political pressure. She remains committed to her role as a nonpartisan elections chief and will continue to uphold the integrity of Wisconsin’s electoral processes.


1. Why was Meagan Wolfe voted on for removal?

The Republican-led Senate voted along party lines to remove Meagan Wolfe from her position as Wisconsin’s elections commission administrator, citing concerns over her handling of the 2020 elections.

2. What were the allegations against Meagan Wolfe?

Republicans accused Wolfe of overseeing fraudulent activities during the 2020 elections. However, numerous reviews have since debunked these allegations.

3. Why did the Democrats argue against the Senate vote?

Democrats contended that the Senate vote should not have taken place since the bipartisan elections commission had not formally nominated Wolfe for confirmation. They believed that the lack of a nomination rendered the vote invalid.

4. What action did Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul take?

Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a lawsuit on behalf of Meagan Wolfe, arguing that the Senate’s party-line vote to remove her had no legal effect. He aims to defend Wolfe and ensure that she retains her position as the state’s elections commission administrator.