Woman Dies in Hospital After Being Hit with Taser During Stand-Off with Police

A tragic incident occurred in Stockton, near Newcastle, where a 47-year-old woman lost her life after being hit with a taser during a stand-off with the police. The woman had barricaded herself in a unit and was allegedly threatening people with an axe.

The authorities took action by breaking into the property around 10pm last night. In order to subdue the woman, they resorted to using a taser. Once she was subdued, she was immediately taken into custody and transported to John Hunter Hospital. Unfortunately, she later passed away.

In light of this incident, an independent critical incident investigation has been initiated. Additionally, a report is being prepared for the coroner to provide further details and insights into the tragic event.

It is important to note that a similar incident occurred earlier this month, where a police officer was charged for allegedly tasering a 95-year-old great-grandmother at her nursing home in southern NSW. The elderly woman, Clare Nowland, suffered a fall resulting in a skull fracture and ultimately passed away in hospital on May 24th.

The use of tasers by police officers can have serious consequences, as seen in these cases. While they are often employed as a non-lethal means to control and subdue individuals, it is crucial that their usage adheres to proper protocols and guidelines. Investigations and reports like these play a vital role in examining and ensuring the appropriate use of force by law enforcement officers.