Bootle Cemetery Faces Criticism Over Neglected State

Bootle Cemetery, a burial ground with deep significance to many grieving individuals, is currently under scrutiny due to its deteriorated condition. Visitors have expressed their anger and disappointment, highlighting the need for immediate action to rectify the situation.

Janet Doran, who herself has relatives buried in the cemetery, recently encountered a distressing scene. She discovered a pensioner in tears, deeply upset by the state of the cemetery. The elderly woman shared that she was “on her knees crying trying to clear this destruction from her son’s grave.” This heartrending incident drove Doran to post about it on social media, attracting further attention and garnering support from others enraged by the cemetery’s condition.

Colin Chadd, another visitor to the cemetery, expressed his own frustration upon returning from a holiday. Chadd found dead grass that had been carelessly “kicked” onto graves and vases haphazardly trimmed with hedge trimmers. He deemed the lack of care shown to the cemetery disrespectful to grieving loved ones who come to pay their respects. The grass was patchy and wildly overgrown in places, with discarded cuttings strewn across the graves. Chadd questioned the purpose of paying council tax if the cemetery remained in such a neglected state.

In response to the complaints, a spokesperson for Sefton Council acknowledged the distress caused to visitors. They admitted to issues with the machines used for grass cutting, which sometimes cause delays in maintenance. With five sites and 150 acres of grass to tend to each month, the council’s team is pushed to their limits. As a result, the grounds occasionally fall below the expected standards, leaving visitors despondent. The spokesperson emphasized their understanding of the emotional significance of memorial spaces and expressed the council’s desire to maintain their beauty and tranquility.

Bootle Cemetery’s current condition has raised concerns among both visitors and local authorities. Calls for prompt action to restore the cemetery to its former dignity are growing louder, as grieving individuals deserve a place of solace and respect for their departed loved ones.


Why is Bootle Cemetery facing criticism?

Bootle Cemetery is facing criticism for its neglected state, with visitors expressing anger and disappointment.

What incident drove the criticism?

Janet Doran encountered a distressed pensioner in tears, trying to clear destruction from her son’s grave at the cemetery.

What issues were highlighted by visitors?

Visitors reported dead grass kicked onto graves, vases cut with hedge trimmers, and wild overgrowth in some areas.

How has the council responded to the complaints?

Sefton Council acknowledged the visitors’ distress and mentioned issues with grass cutting machines causing delays in maintenance. They assured their commitment to maintaining the cemetery’s beauty and tranquility.