Police Investigate Home Invasions in Aurora and King Township

Police in York Region are currently investigating two separate home invasions that occurred over the weekend in Aurora and King Township. These incidents have left the community concerned about the safety of their homes and families.

In King Township, the initial incident took place on Parkheights Trail and Blackduck Trail at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Friday. Four male suspects, believed to be armed with handguns, forcibly entered a residence. Upon awakening, the four occupants of the home were startled by the presence of the suspects. Unfortunately, a female resident was physically assaulted by one of the suspects, who appeared to be carrying a weapon. Thankfully, no items were stolen during this ordeal, and the suspects quickly fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

The following day, Aurora experienced an unrelated home invasion robbery at around 12:50 a.m., in the vicinity of Nicklaus Drive and Mavrinac Boulevard. According to police reports, three male suspects armed with firearms forced their way into the home, awakening the residents. The suspects then demanded money and valuable items, and one of them assaulted a female victim. Money, jewelry, and personal belongings were stolen before the perpetrators made their escape. During the incident, the suspects wore black ski masks to conceal their identities.

Despite the proximity and timing of these two incidents, the police have not yet found any direct connection between them. Investigations are ongoing, and law enforcement authorities are urging anyone with information or security camera footage from the areas to come forward and assist in providing leads. Both York Regional Police and Crime Stoppers are ready to receive information anonymously, ensuring the safety and privacy of those who wish to contribute to solving the case.


Q: What happened in the home invasions?
A: In the home invasions, armed suspects forcibly entered residences in both Aurora and King Township, threatening and assaulting the occupants, and stealing valuables.

Q: Are the two incidents connected?
A: At this time, the police have not uncovered any connection between the two home invasions.

Q: How can individuals provide information?
A: Individuals with relevant information or security camera footage can contact the York Regional Police or provide tips anonymously through Crime Stoppers.