Two Youths Face Weapons Charges in Thunder Bay

Two youths in Thunder Bay are facing weapons charges after an incident on the city’s south side over the weekend. The incident occurred in the 900 block of Edward Street South on Saturday afternoon, just before 1:30 p.m.

According to the Thunder Bay Police Service, two youths were allegedly brandishing knives at another youth and an adult male. Police quickly responded to the scene and launched an investigation.

During the investigation, the identities of the two youth suspects were uncovered. They were located, and a pair of knives believed to have been used in the incident were seized.

A 12-year-old male from Thunder Bay has been charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, while a 13-year-old male, also from Thunder Bay, has been charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and assault with a weapon.

Following a court appearance, the two youths have been released from custody, with future court dates scheduled for them.

It is essential to enforce strict consequences for individuals who engage in dangerous behavior involving weapons, especially when it involves minors. By holding them accountable, it sends a strong message that such actions will not be tolerated in the community.

The Thunder Bay Police Service continues to investigate the incident to gather all the necessary evidence and ensure that justice is served.